Since the arrival of laser hair removal, the craze has caught on like wildfire. Do away with the weekly pain of shaving and tweezing, or the long awaited waxing after growing your hair for weeks. This revolutionary hair removal process provides a solution to eradicate the need for all others and has shown to be well worth it. Jumping on the band wagon for this procedure can seem like a no-brainer! However, before you decide for it to be your end all be all, let’s go through some important things to take into consideration.

Like any procedure, there are precautionary steps to take before diving in head first. While laser hair removal is a simple process, that doesn’t mean the process is paralleled anywhere you go. Additionally, you will need to consider the cost and time commitment that is coupled with laser hair removal. To help you better understand the overall process, here are some standard areas to cover before booking your appointments.

Are You A Good Candidate?

Fortunately, the likelihood of you being a good candidate for laser hair removal is pretty high. The longer it’s been around, the more technology has advanced to cater to different skin and hair types. The individuals who have seen the most success with laser hair removal have lighter skin and darker hair, though it is not limited to this combination. If you have any questions about your skin and hair type, call Shira Laser today and learn more about our services.

Do Research

If all you know about laser hair removal is that a laser removes hair from your body, you may want to take a deeper look into the process, procedure, and even the results others have seen. Furthermore, being this procedure is a bit more specialized, you will want to ensure your technician is qualified and the business has all the proper certifications to practice laser hair removal. Checking the reviews of the business is also a wise move. Scour their website to see how much information they give regarding laser hair removal, and contact them with any and all questions you have.

Quality Check

All laser hair removal procedures are designed to remove hair, but not all lasers remove hair with the same accuracy. There is a wide variety of brands and machines to remove hair. Learn about which machine the business uses and check the reviews associated with it. Each machine performs differently and can have specialized areas of operation, such as the IPL. Though very common, if you have coarse hair the IPL is likely to not work as well. Always do a quality check on the brand and if possible, the results with individuals with similar hair and skin type to yours.

Sunless is Best

As previously stated, the shade of skin can have an effect on the results of laser hair removal depending on the machine in use. At Shira Laser, our machine is extremely versatile and can treat a wide variety of skin and hair types. However, it’s usually recommended to remain out of the sun for the three days prior to your appointment, and limit sun exposure once the procedure is complete. Your treated skin area will be sensitive from the treatment each time, so if you are planning to have exposure to the sun on the same area, ensure you have sunscreen covering the area.

Hair Removal Beforehand

For the weeks prior to your appointment, avoid all waxing, tweezing, or any other hair removal method that will take the hair out by its root. Starting about eight weeks out, hide the tweezers and cancel any waxing appointments while you switch to shaving. Depending on the business and the machine they use, they may request for you to not shave for a certain amount days before the appointment. Contact them ahead of time, or make sure to inquire during the scheduling of your appointment.

Time Expectations

Though the results with laser hair removal have been widely adored, they’re not immediate. There are multiple treatments that are a part of the overall result and you will need to schedule them consecutively for optimal results. You will not see immediate results after a treatment either. As stated in our previous blog, there is a stage of hair growth where laser hair removal is most effective. Due to the varying growth stages, your hair is likely to dissipate weeks afterward once you have had multiple treatments and the hair has been targeted at the optimal stage of hair growth.

Response Expectations

Laser hair removal is likely to cause some discomfort . Depending on your pain tolerance, it can feel like a pinch or a hot snap of a rubber band. Overall, the pain associated with the procedure is comparatively less than the pain associated with waxing. Once the procedure is finished, you can expect slight redness depending on your skin sensitivity. The redness will dissipate over the next few hours and will be gone by the next day.

At Shira Laser, we specialize in helping you achieve the standard of beauty you desire. Our laser hair removal services are safe and effective in helping you achieve the smooth skin you love. Say goodbye to stubborn stubble and the painful treatments of waxing. Laser hair removal is the gift that keeps on giving long after your last treatment. Visit our website today, or schedule a free consultation to learn more!