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Spider Vein Removal

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Spider Vein Removal

It’s saying goodbye to old friends.

Laser therapy is the best way to deal with your Spider veins. It reduces dilated capillaries and improves the skin’s condition. We use the medical grade Cynosure Elite Laser for fast results, and recommend treatments at 4-8 week intervals. It’s a non-surgical treatment so you can walk out of our clinic with confidence and clear skin!


What to expect

The relatively painless treatment increases the production of collagen, which makes those vessels naturally disappear.

The number of treatments depends on the size of the vein and how your skin reacts.

Smaller veins respond more quickly to treatment, which lasts between five and 30 minutes.

Most spider veins can be permanently reduced, but touch-ups once or twice a year can be required to keep the results fresh.

Reducing the appearance of veins allows you to regain confidence in your skin.

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