Nail Fungus Treatment

Nail Fungus Treatment

Nail Fungus Treatment services offered in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

Toenail fungus can look unsightly and spread to other areas of your body when not addressed. At Shira Laser in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York City, experienced aesthetic specialists use cutting-edge laser technology to treat toenail fungus and eliminate bothersome symptoms. Schedule an evaluation at Shira Laser by phone or request one online today.

What is nail fungus treatment?

Nail fungus treatment at Shira Laser uses advanced laser technology to eliminate fungus growing beneath your fingernails or toenails. Fungi often responsible for nail fungus are dermatophytes, specialized organisms that live off keratin, a protein found in the skin and nails. Because fungus is present in the environment, anyone can develop nail fungus. 

The nail fungus treatments at Shira Laser emit a high-intensity laser beam into the affected nails. The laser penetrates each nail bed, destroying fungus without pain, lengthy treatments, or downtime.

What are the symptoms of nail fungus?

You may be a candidate for nail fungus treatment if you have symptoms of nail fungus, including:

  • Brittle, crumbly, ragged nails
  • Nails separated from the underlying skin
  • Nail discoloration 
  • Yellow streaks under your nails
  • Thickened or distorted nails
  • Buildup of debris under your nails
  • Streaks or white spots on the nail’s surface
  • Misshapen nails
  • Smelly nails

See a Shira Laser provider at the first sign of nail fungus to prevent the fungus from spreading.

Who is a candidate for nail fungus treatment?

Anyone with symptoms of nail fungus is a candidate for treatment at Shira Laser. Your provider reviews your medical history, discusses your lifestyle habits, and examines your nails.

Risk factors for nail fungus include:

  • Walking barefoot in community areas
  • Older age
  • Previous athlete’s foot
  • Feet that sweat heavily
  • Nail injuries
  • Minor skin injuries
  • Psoriasis
  • Diabetes
  • Blood flow issues
  • Weakened immune system

Ways to reduce the risk of nail fungus include not walking barefoot in gyms, locker rooms, public showers, saunas, or swimming pool decks.

Keep your nails clean, dry, and trimmed straight across. Avoid wearing sweaty socks for long time periods and choose comfortable shoes that allow your feet to breathe. 

What happens during nail fungus treatment?

During treatment, a Shira Laser specialist directs a laser beam into the affected nail. This process is well-tolerated and takes just a few minutes for each nail. As the laser beam passes through your nails and surrounding tissues, a painless warming sensation takes place. 

Your provider repeats the treatment several times until enough energy reaches your nail beds. The number of total treatments needed varies from person to person.

Schedule an evaluation at Shira Laser by phone or online today to learn more about nail fungus treatment and if it’s right for you.