TCA Chemical Peels

TCA peels are a very popular and powerful skin resurfacing treatment. This treatment can address many extreme cases of photo-aging skin such as pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores and thickening of the skin. It is also used to treat acne scarring.

How Does It Work?

The TCA peel works by causing sloughing or removal of the upper layers of skin. By removing the upper layers of skin, the overall skin texture is dramatically smoothed, superficial wrinkles are quickly eliminated and color irregularities are improved. It has been used for many years to treat facial wrinkles, age spots, pigment abnormalities, and other superficial skin problems such as sun damaged skin.

TCA Chemical Peels


TCA peels have been safely used to treat a variety of skin conditions for over 20 years. Shira Laser utilizes a medium depth, medical grade solution which we can customize to suit each client’s specific needs. As with any medical treatment, the experience of your technician is key and the Shira Laser staff has been working with a variety of peels and exfoliants for the last decade. We’ve found TCA Peels to be the safest and most effective method of chemical exfoliating at this depth.

Before applying the Peel your technician will prep your skin with a special cleanser however Shira Laser always recommends that you arrive for your appointment with clean skin which is free of makeup or moisturizers.

After the skin is thoroughly cleansed, the TCA peel solution will be applied to the skin with a gauze. Sometimes multiple layers of the peel may need to be applied for adequate penetration.  The main sensation during the peel is intense heat, which will last for approximately 10-20 minutes. A Zimmer cooling device will be used during the treatment to blow cold air onto the skin to minimize discomfort.

Anyone who has had a TCA peel is more sensitive to sunlight for at least 6-8 weeks after their peel. During this time you must use an SPF30 cream to protect the skin. Otherwise you can carry on with normal activities and most people show no outward signs that they are undergoing a course of skin peels.

Depending on the condition/s being addressed and the desired outcome, we usually recommend a course of 2-4 peels. You will notice improvement in your skin even after 1 TCA peel, but for best results we generally recommend more than 1 treatment.

  • Women who are pregnant or breast feeding
  • People who have recently used Retinol accutane medication
  • People who are not sun exposure compliant


  • Sara L. Avatar
    Sara L.

    A great place for laser hair removal. The staff is warm and friendly which makes the experience pleasant and comfortable. When purchasing packages, they try to put together the best deal for you. I highly recommend for anyone researching and inquiring about laser hair removal.

  • mark m. Avatar
    mark m.

    i wanted to get laser hair removal but was extremely skeptical about it. the staff at shira laser reassured me and tried their best to make me comfortable. all in all, it was a great experience!

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